Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gold Metal Jewellery: Complete Information About It

gold jewelleryEvery women love to wear gold jewellery. But it is hard to make jewellery from pure gold as it is too soft, so to make jewellery; jewellery makers add other metals to it. This is the main reason for different colors of gold such as green gold, white gold, rose gold etc.

To check the purity of gold in the jewellery the standard unit that is used is K or Karat system. Jewellery which is made up of pure gold is of 24K where as jewellery of 18K contains 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of another metal or metals.

Gold which is of white color (i.e. white gold) is a mixture of nickel or palladium with gold. Copper is added with gold to make it of pink color (i.e. rose gold) and silver is added with gold to make it green gold.

Making alloys changes the color of the metal and make the metal damaged and useless, and the main goal of the jeweler is to produce the metal which is durable and attractive.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jewellery Designing: Sources and Motivation

Jewellery DesignSource of inspiration is excessively required to design new jewellery. High degree of imagination is required to visualize a new shapes or structure of a design. Creativity of a jewellery designer is highly influence by its thinking and feeling. That’s why Jewellery designers always maintain a sketchbook so that they can draw their observation.

Sources of design generally depend upon the following thing:
  1. Material Used: Designing jewellery using different material provides great experience and chance to a jeweler to find out new things at the initial stages of design.
  2. History Eras: History can also provide new imaginative ideas to the jewellery designers. Jewellery designers get great source of inspiration from these Medieval, Egyptian, Baroque eras which are rich in art and expressions. These ancient architectures, sculptures, paintings give birth to new and original ideas.
  3. Nature: Jewellery designers can also get inspiration from these beautiful natural resources. Nature itself provide great textures, colors and shapes which itself inspire jewellery designer to form their new ideas.
  4. Symbolic Sources: Various logos, signs, symbols, monograms etc. are also the good source for jewellery designer. Using these sign symbols Jewellery designer can visualize different designs of various shapes and sizes.
  5. Themes and concepts: If a designer thinks in a broad way then he/she can get new composition of design using varieties of themes and concepts such as nature, politics, social, religious, etc.
  6. Books and Magazines: Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs are also the great source of various new jewellery designs. But in that case question arises about its originality.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diamond Jewellery: How to Measure Its Quality

diamond jewelleryDiamond jewellery Market is worth around $ US70 billion and with the growing wealth in Asian countries, it can grow further in the near future.

About one quarter of total $ US70B is purchased at the end of the year when people celebrate Christmas and New Year. Valentine Day is also the most popular time when people purchase these beautiful diamond jewelleries.

Some of the tips which you kept in mind before buy a diamond engagement ring include the clarity of the jewellery and its color. Always remember that quality of a diamond enhance its value.

Color of a diamond is the most important attribute. Basically shine of diamond jewellery depends upon the presence and absence of the color. Diamonds which appear colorless are put into grade “D” through “J”. These diamonds has high value.

Clarity of diamond is another important attribute. Diamond has high value if it is free from inclusions. Clarity of diamond rated according to the following scale:

  1. Diamond are rated FL impeccable if the internal or external finish flaws.
  2. IF (Internally flawless), if no internal defects.
  3. VVS1 (very slightly included).
  4. VVS2 (if it is hard to see inclusions under 10x magnification).
  5. VS1 (Very slightly included).
  6. VS2 (if it is hard to see inclusions under 10x magnification).
  7. SI1 (Slightly included).
  8. SI2 (easy to see inclusions under 10x magnification).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Jewellery: Which Make You Feel Special At Your Wedding Day

wedding jewelleryOn the occasion of your wedding choose right jewellery for you. Like dress, wedding jewellery is also an important thing, so before buying jewellery for this special occasion, it is important to keep certain things in your mind. There should be proper combination different jewellery such as necklace, bracelet, and earrings which make the bridal dress look even better.

There are many types of jewellery which a bride wears at the time of her wedding but among them the most important jewellery is wedding ring. You can purchase your wedding jewellery from various places such as jewellery outlets, online jewellery stores etc. You can also get custom made ring for your partner. The biggest advantage of custom made ring is that you can choose right design for your partner and the other important thing is uniqueness factor.

You can also go for vintage jewellery for your wedding day. Their stunning design based on ancient cultures. In vintage jewellery you can also get varieties of design in necklaces, bangles, bracelets and earrings which perfectly fit with your wedding dresses. You can also use bridal tiaras for your wedding accessories which also make your look gorgeous at your wedding day. You can also get handmade bridal tiara with different color schemes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Jewellery: Various Tips And Informations

fashion jewelleryToday everybody wants to look stylish and fashionable and it is incomplete if it is not supported by proper fashion jewellery. Like clothing, people also prefer to wear latest and right kind of jewellery. Whether you wear casuals, formals or any thing, it should be matched with proper jewellery to get a complete and good look.

Like clothing, jewellery is also deigned after considering latest fashion and trends. Before designing any type of jewellery, jewelers always takes care of all the important factors such as colors, metals etc. They also consider various other factors such as occasions etc. like gold jewellery are not suited with formal wear and silver jewellery are not matched with Indian wedding dresses.

Some fashions and trends are always remaining same. People prefer to wear jewellery made up of gold and diamond at the time of engagements and weddings. People also want to prefer to wear seasonal jewellery which is made up of stones and colors. Customized jewellery is also in fashion as people generally want to look different from others. Ethnic jewellery and custom-made ethnic jewellery is also always in fashion.

There are various online jewellery stores that provide various different options and types of jewellery for all. They also take care of current fashion and trends that may suit the requirement of all the people. Online jewellery shopping not only save precious time but also provide variety of option to the people. Fashion jewellery is meant to enhance the trend of the season and complement the dressing of the person.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Diamond Jewellery Care: Some Tips About That

diamond jewellery

Diamonds need proper care to last for a long time without any deterioration. Any thing such as powders, lotion or even oil may damage the shine of your diamond. So to maintain yourdiamond jewellery long lasting, you just require only one thing i.e. proper care and maintenance. Maintenance keeps your jewellery clean, beautiful and even increases its life.

Proper care of diamond is essential. Always prevent your diamond jewellery from sharp blows, harsh chemicals, sun light and extreme temperatures. Remove your diamond jewellery such as rings when you are working or doing your regular house tasks. Store jewelleries at different places as it may prevent diamond from scratching.

Clean your diamond on regular basis but avoid harsh detergents. Few tips regarding cleaning your diamond jewellery:

Here are four ways to you clean your diamonds:

  1. You can clean your diamond jewellery using warm water with mild liquid detergent. Always use soft brush to clean your jewellery and dry it with soft lint free cloth.
  2. You can also use branded liquid jewellery cleaner but read the instructions and precautions carefully before using them on your precious jewellery.
  3. You can also use various ultrasonic cleaner which are small machines used to clean your precious jewellery.