Monday, August 31, 2009

Pink Diamond: Rare And Valuable

pink diamonds

The pink diamond is the world's most rare and valuable diamond. The Argyle mine is the world's foremost source of unrivalled intense pink diamonds, producing 95% of the world's supply. However, an extremely small proportion of Argyle Diamonds production is Pink color, in fact less than one tenth of 1% is classified Pink.

The legend of Argyle pink diamond has grown over the past ten years. At the 1989 Christie's auction in New York a 3.14 carat Argyle pink sold for $1,510,000. Privately, Argyle has sold pink diamonds for up to $1 million a carat.

For years the white diamond was considered the world's most beautiful diamond, until the discovery of the Argyle mine heralded the arrival of the Argyle pink diamond. The pink diamonds of India, Brazil and Africa were characteristically light in color and paled even further when placed beside the intensely pink Argyle diamonds. The natural color diamonds have in fact been around as long as the classical whites but in much smaller quantities and never in great demand.

The Argyle pink diamond comes in shades ranging from delicate pastel rose to robust raspberry and full-blooded purple-reds. The prices per carat are determined by the intensity of color. Argyle selects only its most vibrant pink diamonds for polishing at its head office in Perth. There, the stones are polished in a wide range of cuts, such as round brilliant, marquise, oval and pear, to enhance their natural beauty. Polished pink diamonds are available in the same size ranges as traditional commercial sizes.

Once a year, Argyle Diamonds issues a special release of outstanding pink diamonds that are sold by special bids in the international and invitation-only, Pink Diamond Tender.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Top Tips For Buying Valentine's Jewellery

Top tips for buying valentine's jewellery
  • Try to play fairly safe and buy something that fits the research.
  • Valentine's day is not the time to try and change her style, it is a celebration of what you love about her already.
  • Always choose quality over size and quantity.
  • If possible buy real not imitation stones.
  • Similarly precious metals such as silver or gold are always preferable to cheaper alternatives (called base metals), like copper. Not least because base metals may turn her green!
  • Jewellery designed using the traditional symbols of love, such as hearts, flowers, padlocks and keys are definitely desired by some, but must not be considered to be essential.
  • Perhaps go for something that matches another item in her collection. For example if she has a amethyst pendant that she wears often, try to find earrings or a bracelet to match.
  • Choose something that is an appropriate cost for the length of the relationship.
  • Valentine's does not have to be about spending lots of money, it is first and foremost about thoughtful and considered gifts.
  • Consider how much more it says about you if you choose something that she really loves rather than something that just cost a lot.
  • Many women prefer something that they can wear the majority of the time, a constant reminder of your relationship rather than something ostentatious.
  • If you have any concerns, phone or email us! We will be happy to talk you through your choice.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Buying Jewellery For Valentine: Do Good Research For That

Jewellery is a really great Valentine's gift. It will last far longer than flowers or chocolates and allows you to demonstrate how well you know your partner. Choosing the right item can be a daunting prospect so this guide is here to help you find that perfect gift for your valentine.

Do your homework

Look at what your wife or girlfriend already wears. But do not forget that women wear different jewellery for different occasions.

Note what colour and type of metal she prefers, silver, gold or white gold and consider what type of jewellery she wears: Does she have her ears pierced? Are her earrings studs or drops? Does she wear bracelets or pendants? If you are not 100% certain what to buy her then it is safer to stick with jewellery that is at least similar to something that she already wears.

Also consider the length of chain that she wears. If a measurement is not possible note where the pendant lies around her neck as good jewellers can provide whatever length of chain you want.
Look at the shape of the pendants she wears are they round? Tear drops? Squares?

It may help to think about what colour clothes she likes to wear, it's all about coordination!

If she often wears red; look at garnet or ruby. Blue; topaz or sapphire. Green; peridot or emerald. Yellow; citrine. Purple; amethyst. If you are unsure about colours then perhaps stick to jewellery that does not have a stone or go with diamonds or clear cubic zirconia which go with just about everything.

Alternatively find out her birthstone. Buying something in her birthstone is an easy way to personalise a present and really shows that you have given it some thought.

How to Research

You can find this information through simple observation. Listen to her she may be giving you subtle hints. Perhaps have a look in her jewellery box if appropriate. If possible ask her girlfriends or her family for their advice, they are likely to know her preferences.

In the end always go with your own decision; take advice from lots of sources but remember you should love the jewellery you buy her as much as you hope that she will.


Monday, August 10, 2009

This Season's Jewellery Trends Have Something To Say

Accessories are a key look this season, as well as a great way to update any wardrobe. And a number of both fresh - and timeless - jewellery trends are emerging on the market to help you do just that. A few of the hottest trends this season include right hand rings, cocktail rings, charm bracelets, vintage style jewellery, circle jewellery and layered jewellery.

However, aside from retaining an unfailing fashion-ability, jewellery is about stating who you are - just look to the defining jewellery trends of iconic and alluring stars like Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner. That said, even today, there's no better place to uncover the latest jewellery trends than on your favourite celebrities. Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore, for instance, love the layered jewellery look, while the likes of Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Kiera Knightly and Paris Hilton have all been seen sporting circular jewellery - or more specifically, the 'circle necklace'. Moreover, jewellery trends tend to outlive fashion trends - so your jewellery will dazzle season after season.

The right-hand ring jewellery trend, for example - a trend by which women buy diamond rings for their right hand - represents women's independence and empowerment. The trend has been big in the US for some time, but is making its way over to the UK this season. Another variation of this is the cocktail ring. Every fashion-conscious woman is wearing one: they're big, bold and colourful, and are generally worn on the right hand. And while cocktail rings can be crafted out of diamonds, they're most often big gem stones or prominent statement pieces.

Bracelets form another large category in this season's top jewellery trends. Wooden bracelets, for example, are making a big comeback; however, other bracelet trends seem to hold an incessant gaze in the jewellery market. One trend that's always in style, the charm bracelet is a simple yet fun way to accessorize. You can buy them already assembled, or you can purchase a linked chain, collect your charms, and make your own, distinctive charm bracelet.

Certain styles of jewellery - such as vintage - are also expected to maintain their appeal this year. Classic vintage jewellery always holds some part of the jewellery market limelight; it captures the spirit of the 1950s, featuring modern interpretations of vintage classics which will, in time, become classics themselves. Stylish and timeless, heirloom vintage pieces will never go out of fashion.

Circular jewellery is another prominent component of this season's defining trends. The circle, perhaps the simplest of all shapes, is an endless symbol of love and life; circular jewellery is therefore a perfect way to celebrate a big step or a turning point in your life. Another major trend in the US, the circular design is particularly popular in the form of the 'circle necklace' - a necklace with a circle pendant, often decorated with diamonds.

And finally, layered jewellery is stong this season! Layering is about wearing many of the same type of pieces at the same time - a particularly strong trend with yellow gold jewellery. And if this approach to jewellery seems a little heavy-handed to you, rest assured that layering needn't look heavy or overdone - just as long as the right pieces are layered together. So don't buy one necklace, bangle or bracelet this season - buy five!

You'll find a number of jewellery specialists who prioritise and recommend the latest and most classic jewellery trends - so you can take your pick and accessorize - whether it's to update your wardrobe or simply complement your distinctive style.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Silver and Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewellery - The Ultimate Care Guide

silver jewellery and gemstones
Keep silver jewellery out of the air and light when stored to prevent tarnishing. A protective jewellery pouch, a lined box or just wrapping in tissue or soft cloth are all suitable.

Each piece of jewellery should be stored in a separate compartment to prevent scratching as a result of pieces knocking together. Gem-set jewellery will undoubtedly contain gemstones which are harder than silver and will therefore scratch the surface of the silver if allowed to jangle together. This holds true for gold as well.

General Care in Wear

Treat your jewellery with loving care and respect and it will stay young looking – like most women.

Washing Up, Spring Cleaning or DIY?

Remove your jewellery when carrying out cleaning or other chores. Cleaning fluids can damage both the metal and the gemstones. A miss-hit with the hammer could end a beautiful relationship with not just your engagement ring.

Going out?

Remember to put your jewellery on after applying make-up and the hairspray and avoid contact with perfume.

Going swimming?

Remove all jewellery before entering a chlorinated pool. If you’re contemplating a sauna, remove all jewellery as it will burn you when it heats up. Many gemstones are damaged by prolonged exposure to heat.

Going on holiday?

Most of us come off the beach on the first day with the 3 s’s all achieved - rings caked in sand, sea-salt and suntan lotion.
Nude sunbathing, as far as silver and gold jewellery is concerned, is a must!
Remember also that sand will scratch the surface of precious metals.

Tour de France or Running the Marathon?

Sweat will not enhance your jewellery and no-one will be looking at it anyway.

What is Silver?

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and is sometimes referred to as “pure silver”. The remaining 7.5% is usually copper but can be other metal and is used to give this precious metal strength and durability. Silver which is 99.9% silver is too soft to be practical for most day to day uses.

Generally, the higher the silver content the brighter or whiter the metal but beware of antiquing effects that can make a piece of sterling silver jewellery or decorative silverware look dark.

Sterling silver will tarnish over time but with care and regular cleaning can be restored to its “good as new” sparkling condition.

How Do I Clean Silver?

Natural body oils, soap and regular daily dust can build up on your jewellery.

A mild soap in water is usually enough to clean it. If gem-set, use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the surfaces of the gemstones. Remember the backs!

Gently pat the jewellery dry. Do not use tissue or anything other than a jewellery cleaning cloth to polish your jewellery as unseen tiny hard fibres will scratch the surface.

If more serious cleaning is required, then use a good jeweller’s rouge or jewellery cleaning dip. However, if your silver is gem-set see below for advice on specific gemstones to be sure what is safe to use. Some cleaners which are ideal for sterling silver may be too harsh for the set gemstone.

Ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended. They can damage pearls and gem-set jewellery.

How Durable is My Gemstone Jewellery?

First of all a note about the hardness and therefore relative durability of gemstones.

To measure hardness, the jewellery industry uses the Mohs scale. This gem-trade standard, conceived by Friedrich Mohs in 1812, measures the ability of a gem or mineral to resist abrasion damage. Diamond at 10 is the hardest whereas talc at 1 is the softest. Popular gemstones like amethyst and citrine register 7 whereas rubies and sapphires register 9.

Most substances your jewellery is likely to come into contact with will be around 7 on Mohs scale so any gemstone with a hardness higher than 7 is unlikely to scratch.

Precious metals (silver, gold and platinum) are quite low on the Mohs scale – less than 4.5 – and will scratch.

How Do I Clean Semi-Precious Gemstones?


Mohs scale 5-6
Turquoise is chalky in texture and is to be treated as fragile.
Always store carefully in a separate compartment to avoid scratching and chipping.

It will scratch easily and chip if subjected to rough treatment. It does not like to be immersed in water and does not respond well to chemical contact. Either can cause it to change colour – usually turning more green.

To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface.
Never use jewellery dip.
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Lapis Lazuli

Mohs scale 5-6
Lapis lazuli is a soft stone and like turquoise will chip easily.
Always store carefully in a separate compartment.

To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface. Do not immerse in water as this can remove the protective coating.

Avoid contact with all chemicals.
Never use jewellery dip.
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.


Mohs scale 3.5 - 4
Coral is a soft organic gemstone and porous.
Always store carefully in a separate compartment as it will easily scratch or chip.

Avoid large variations in temperature and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface.
Never use jewellery dip.
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.


Mohs scale 2.5 - 4.5
Pearls are less durable than most gems. They are sensitive to acids, dryness, and humidity.

Avoid contact with any chemicals such as hairspray and perfume and wipe them clean with a soft cloth after wearing as natural body oils can discolour them.

Store them carefully, preferably in a pearl necklace box, a chamois bag or in tissue. Don’t throw them in a box with other jewellery as harder gemstones will scratch a pearl’s surface.

Cultured pearls can be washed carefully in mild soapy water.
Do not soak.
Do not dry in heat. Wipe dry with a soft cloth.

If worn often, restring every 2 years.


Mohs scale 5 - 7
Store larimar carefully, preferably in a separate jewellery compartment, a chamois bag or in tissue.
Avoid contact with any chemicals such as hairspray and perfume and wipe clean with a soft cloth after wearing as natural body oils can dull the surface.
Avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunshine as this may cause colour fading.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a tiny drop of ammonia and use a soft brush. Rinse well and dry with a soft jewellery cloth.
Any cleaning preparation recommended for pearls is suitable for larimar.

Moonstone and Labradorite

Mohs scale 6
Moonstone gemstones are stored in oil before use in jewellery. This prevents the stone drying out and cracking.

It can be easily scratched and should be stored in a separate compartment

To clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface.
Never use jewellery dip.
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Chalcedony and Onyx

Mohs scale 7
Avoid harsh chemicals.
Always store carefully in a separate jewellery compartment to avoid scratching and chipping.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.

Rose Quartz

Mohs scale 7
Always store carefully in a separate jewellery compartment as despite its Mohs’ rating, rose quartz can chip and scratch easily.
Avoid prolonged exposure to bright sunshine as this may cause colour fading.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.
Do not soak.
Do not steam clean


Mohs scale 8
A durable gemstone unlikely to scratch or chip easily. However, always store in a separate jewellery compartment as it may scratch a softer gemstone or precious metal.
Avoid harsh chemicals and exposure to heat.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.
Do not soak.
Do not steam clean
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine and Smokey Quartz

Mohs scale 7
Avoid harsh chemicals and long exposure to heat.
Always store carefully in a separate jewellery compartment to avoid scratching and chipping.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.
Do not soak.
Do not steam clean
Should survive an ultrasonic cleaning.


Mohs scale 6.5 – 7.5
Always store carefully in a separate jewellery compartment as garnet is brittle and despite its Mohs’ rating, can chip and scratch easily.
Avoid harsh chemicals.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.
Do not soak.
Do not steam clean
All garnets except andradite (demantoid) should survive an ultrasonic cleaning.


Mohs scale 6.5 – 7
Avoid harsh chemicals.
Avoid rapid changes in temperature and exposure to heat.
Always store carefully in a separate jewellery compartment to avoid scratching and chipping.

Clean in mildly soapy water with a soft brush. Rinse well.
Do not soak.
Do not steam clean
Never use an ultrasonic cleaner.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diamond Jewellery – Pride Of Every Woman

Diamond Jewellery includes a range of articles – Bracelets, Earrings, Engagement Rings, Necklaces, Pendants, Wedding Bands and jewellery for the youngsters. Youngsters are not far behind when it comes to owning diamond jewellery. An all new range of readily available diamonds, studded in white gold, such as pendants, eternity rings and bracelets are available at a variety of stores and online to cater to their needs.

There are various combinations of diamond jewellery to create a new woman in you. This woman is more confident because she feels more beautiful and cared for. A kiss on hand has to be earmarked with love and diamonds for your lady love. An engagement ring is the right way to express your love for your beloved. Actually, what are these stones – Diamonds? They are the epitome of love and affection you feel towards your love.

In today’s times, diamonds are classified as the style-statement. In fact diamonds are gaining popularity amongst middle aged upper middle class women who want to possess Diamond sets with pendants and earrings. Sangini, Orra, Tanishq, Kanak, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri are some of the leading diamond players in the market. These are some of the best designers and sell authentic jewellery only.

When it’s authentic then it comes with a trademark of authenticity and thus is placed at higher selling-price. The objective of this trademark is that whenever you want to sell it or exchange the piece then they can be sold anywhere, that too at the price prevailing at that time. A diamond-studded watch is also a mark of jewellery statement. Exclusive diamond watches, with diamond studded in pure gold or white-gold gives an ultimate pleasure to the owner.

Now days, diamonds are combined with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and many such precious stones in different combinations. They enhance the owner’s attire as matching designer jewellery. Log on to in case you want to own one or more of this authentic diamond jewellery pieces. They are designed in style, keeping in mind the designer jewellery concept. At homeshop18 you can satisfy your thirst of diamonds at a very reasonable price.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Silver Jewelry Is An Ultimate Choice For Women

The concept of Silver Jewelry is getting popular these days. Most women wear gold or silver Jewelry. As gold Jewelry proves to be costly and not within the financial budget of some women, so silver Jewelry is preferred by all the segments of women in society.

Women wear necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Women make an idea to choose a Jewelry set and pick a combination she would like to wear on the basis of their likes. The choice of color often comes in the Jewelry. If a woman has a favorite color then she would prefer that color as the color of her choice. Jewelry for the evening can be bolder and glitzier than Jewelry worn during the day. The color choice of Jewelry also depends on the choice of women’s clothes. Generally women prefer the Jewelry matching with their clothes. So it’s a nice idea to present them with the Jewelry matching with their clothes color.

The style of Silver Jewelry in necklaces could be chunky ones, fine ones, ornate or simple. In earrings it could be in the form of dangly ones, or smaller stud ones. In bracelets or bangles it could be narrow or wider ones. A lot of women have certain styles that they like so they choose the style according to their requirements. The style will vary depending on whether the piece is meant for day or evening wear.

Many women have allergies to nickel. Some pieces of Jewelry contain a small amount of nickel. This generally causes no problems for the majority of people however some people can be very sensitive to it. So it should be seen that what kind of metals different women wears.

Types of Jewelry can be in the form of beaded Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Imitation Jewelry, semi precious Jewelry, key chains, So it depends on women what type of Jewelry she prefers or wears. So silver Jewelry enhances the looks of women with the choice of their color, style, occasions and changing fashions.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Choosing Jewellery for Women

First of all, think about what type of jewellery she tends to wear, mostly gold or mostly silver? Most women either mainly wear gold, or mainly wear silver jewellery.
Does she wear necklaces? Bracelets? Earrings? If you are unsure, it might be an idea to choose a jewellery set, and let her pick what combination she would like to wear. Are her ears pierced? If you are not sure, have a look at her ears! There are clip-on earrings that are suitable for both pierced and non-pierced ears.


What colour stones does she tend to have on her jewellery? Also consider what colour clothes she normally wears as the jewellery needs to match or co-ordinate with an outfit. She might mainly wear plain gold or silver jewellery in which case it would be best to avoid picking any jewellery with coloured stones (you can still pick things with diamonds, cubic zirconium, and diamanté). Does she have a favourite colour and if she does, is it a colour she wears? A piece of jewellery with her favourite colour in it is a nice way of showing that you’ve put a lot of effort into the present.

If you are thinking of buying her some jewellery for day wear, what colour clothes does she wear to work or wear casually? Jewellery worn during the day is less glitzy than evening wear. This doesn’t mean it needs to be plain, although simple classic pieces can be worn with so many different outfits. If you are thinking of buying her some jewellery for evening wear, what colour clothes does she dress in to go out for the evening? Jewellery for the evening can be bolder and glitzier than jewellery worn during the day. A diamanté choker may be appropriate evening wear, however a less glitzy necklace may be better for daytime wear.


What type of styles does she wear? If you are looking at necklaces, does she wear chunky ones, fine ones, ornate, or simple? If you are looking at earrings, does she wear long dangly ones, or smaller stud ones? If you are looking at bracelets or bangles, does she wear narrow or wider ones? A lot of women have certain styles that they like, so it’s a safe bet to stick with the style of jewellery you know she would choose herself. The style will vary depending on whether the piece is meant for day or evening wear.

Does she have an allergy to nickel? Many pieces of jewellery contain a small amount of nickel which usually causes no problems for the majority of people, however some people can be very sensitive to it. Have a look and see what kind of metals she wears. If in doubt, stick to what you know she can wear.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Italian gold jewellery 'popular among the affluent'

Italian gold jewellery High-end Italian jewellery has been predicted to rise in popularity when an economic recovery gets underway in the US.

According to the National Jeweler, gold pieces from the country are desired by affluent clientele in particular.

John Green, owner of a number of luxury stores in the US, told the news source that Italian designers offer the "finest quality" and this, along with value, is what is being sought.

Pam Danziger, founder and president of Unity Marketing, which monitors the spending of high-end customers, added that retailers are set to stock more of such products.

"Made in Italy adds lustre to a product and - among many other things - our survey found that luxury consumers do show definite preference for luxury goods manufactured in certain countries," she stated.

Jewelers Lounge recently observed that men in the US are increasingly expressing patriotism by wearing gold jewellery such as cufflinks, ahead of this weekend's July 4th celebrations in the country.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Why Women Love Diamond Earrings

Have you heard the phrase 'diamonds are a girl's best friend'? This is true, as there are hardly any ladies that don't like a diamond - or several. Diamonds are so shiny and sparkly, which is why the women just can't resist owning even just one small diamond ring or a pair of earrings. For years, women have been presented with diamonds as the sign of love from their counterpart. There is no denying that women love diamonds and diamond earrings!

Earrings have been around for a very long time, for both men and women. Traditionally, earrings are made from gold or silver and pierce through the ear lobes in order to wear them. Clip on earrings are also available even today, for those who can't pierce their ear lobes. Today, earrings have been a symbol of beauty with more and more women wearing earrings as accessories.

Generally, it is more common for women to wear earrings when compared to men. Diamond earrings have very special place in every woman's heart, as earrings made with diamonds are so beautiful. Diamonds have different sizes, and we measure diamonds using the scale of carat. The higher the carat, the more expensive the diamond would be. Naturally, though, not every woman can own diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings are suitable for any formal or casual occasion. Diamond earrings also go perfectly with any type of dress, so there is no problem in finding the right accessory to go with the beautiful dress. A lady would be extremely happy to receive diamond earrings for special events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Therefore, men are accustomed to getting diamond earrings or other diamond accessories for the women they love, as a sign of loving them forever.

By presenting Diamond earrings to a woman, she will feel loved and have more confidence when going out to attend any occasion, such as a wedding or a corporate event. Diamonds can boost the self-confidence, and if you look at those women who wear diamond earrings, they have an air about themselves, and carry themselves well. This is also why women love diamond earrings so much.

Another reason why women love diamond earrings is because they are eye catching. I guarantee that whenever a woman passes by and she is wearing diamond earrings, you would have noticed her ears before anything else. The attraction is much stronger when compared with a diamond ring or necklace. Women who love diamonds love that kind of attraction. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction knowing that people are noticing her because of her diamond earrings.

As for those who love to show off their best accessories, diamond earrings would beat them all. Diamond earrings are the best kind of accessory made for the woman to enhance and show off their beauty to the world. There is no denying that women do look best when they are being adorned with diamond earrings. Diamond earrings are the best gift for all occasions, in those cases when you can't think of any gift.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Jewellery Designing as a Career

The growing market for branded ornaments has led to a demand for a new breed of jewelry designers and other professionals like gem appraisers. With several institutes offering specialized courses in this field, jewelry designing is no longer a family trade but a lucrative career option for first-generation gemologists who can cater to a niche market for custom-made and designer jewelry.

Jewellery designing has come out of the closet: It is no longer a cloistered trade carried out by semi-literate goldsmiths in family vaults, passed down like a well-kept secret from generation to generation. Instead, thanks to the advances in technology, it has landed on the drawing board with some firms even using computer-aided designs to create exquisite pieces in virtual reality.

Along with the technological finesse has come a paradigm shift: Jewellery is no longer purchased with only the intrinsic value of gold in mind. The working woman wants trendy and functional trinkets, which can be worn at office, at home and on outings. Says Manikchand, who has been associated with his family jewellery business for two decades, The needs of the working women have largely influenced the worldwide trend in jewellery. On the one hand, a working woman wants to make a fashion statement and, on the other hand, she wants trinkets for regular wear. That in turn has spawned a lifestyle industry and demand for jewellery designers.

There are several institutes offering long-term, short-term and distance learning courses in jewellery designing. Here, the students not only hone their designing skills, but also learn to use a jewelers tools and pick up rudimentary skills like casting, stone cutting, engraving and polishing. They also learn special skills like electroplating, metal colouring, anodising, enamelling, stone setting and silversmithing.

Says B.K. Narula, the man behind the Jewellery Design & Technology Institute, Noida, Despite the technological changes, I stay wedded to the belief that a good designer is one who grasps the fundamentals of manufacturing. Most designers begin their careers as apprentices in jewellery showrooms or in their family businesses; the duration of apprenticeship may depend on their line of specialisation and the nature of appointment. At the entry level, the apprentices are only designing products for the mass market but later they graduate to customised jewellery. Once they have evolved their inimitable style, some like Naina Balsavar Ahmed, former Miss Femina, start their own retail business. Naina, who often falls in love with most of her own creations, operates from an upmarket store in Delhi. Her pieces can cost anything between Rs 600 and a couple of lakhs.

Incidentally, design studios that specialise in custom-made jewellery are becoming increasingly popular.

Rheas Studio in Mumbai is one such place. It even issues a certificate of originality to the client to assure him that the design will not be repeated. Custom-made jewellery starts at Rs 2 lakh; so you can imagine the kind of money that is there in the profession. The demand for sleek and ready-to wear designer jewellery has, in turn, spurred the demand for cheaper alloys like platinum and gunmetal. Adds Manikchand: These days designers are even ready to experiment with paper, wood, ceramics and plastics. Given the endless possibilities, the designer must understand the metal that he is handling. He will also be immersed in a world full of gems, diamonds, rubies and sapphires, which he should be able to handle with acumen. The ability to identify and rate a good gem or a stone can throw up career option as an appraiser and help one in the retail business, if one is so inclined.

The Delhi-based National Institute of Fashion Technology, the Noida-based JDTI, the Mumbai-based Gemmological Institute of India, the Chennai-based Dr Dhamambal Government Polytechnic for Women and the Surat-based Diamond Institute of India are offering jewellery designing and allied courses.

The Gemological Institute, for instance, is also offering courses in pearl identification and stringing, jewellery casting, diamond grading and gemology. The Chennai-based polytechnic, which has executed a joint project with the World Gold Council, is offering courses in Gold smithing and stone setting. The Surat-based Indian Diamond Institute is conducting PG Diploma and certificate courses in diamonds, coloured gemstones and machine cast jewellery.

Most jewellery designing courses are of six month to two-year duration. The Noida-based JDTI, which plans to open a branch in Chandigarh by year-end, is offering a comprehensive jewellery designing course of six-month duration, basic jewellery designing for three months, a customised jewellery manufacturing course of six months, a gemology course of three months, a diamond grading course of 45 days, a Computer-Aided Designing course of one month, Casting and Stone Setting, Engraving and Enameling, Finishing, Polishing and Electroplating -- all courses of two-week duration.

The JDTI, which happens to be a division of Silver Smith India Ltd, is also offering an Industrial Jewellery Design Solutions certificate programme in Jewellery Retailing of 45 days. The institute also provides six to eight weeks internship to students enrolled in the two-year programme. The fee for a two-year course is Rs. 1.80 lakh and for the short-term courses between Rs. 10,000-15,000. Says Narula, "The JDTI educates and trains people in all aspects of jewellery designing and manufacturing. The underlying principle is: If you cant make jewellery, you cant design jewellery".

Most institutes, as a part of their curriculum, conduct special workshops for students inspired by traditional Indian and Western designs. Incidentally, the JDTI is one of the few institutes that provides gold to the students to create studded jewellery at its own cost. The institutes also "guide the students once they pass out". External jurors from the industry are invited to evaluate the work of the students enrolled in the long-term courses.

The facilities provided at the institutes are state-of-the-art and fully equipped with the latest reference material and machinery. The workstations are especially designed for fatigue-free long hours. The classrooms are specially constructed to provide relief from boredom. Those who have cleared their plus two are eligible to apply for jewellery designing courses. Admissions are on the basis of an interview. So, get set for a glittering career.

Training talk
The Gemological Institute of America recently opened its education centre in Mumbai. The centre will link jewellery professionals in 14 other centres across the globe. The centre has been set up with the aim to educate Indian jewellery professionals in the common language of the global gem industry.

The institute will offer the GIA Graduate Diploma Programme and the diamond grading extension classes along with the GIA distance education curriculum. The course imparts knowledge in diamond grading and colored stones and gem identification, among other things. From next year, the centre will begin the Graduate Gemologist (GG) programme and a course on jewellery design.

The eligibility for the course is plus two and the fee ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh, depending on the programme opted for.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Synthetic and artificial gemstones: True Copy Of Their Original Ones

Synthetic and artificial gemstonesLike original gemstones, artificial gemstones are also famous among the people. Their looks are exactly like the original gemstones and their cost is also less as compare to original gemstones.

These gemstones are generally the true copy of their original part. These artificial copies of gemstones are only similar in look and do not posses any chemical or physical characteristic of the original ones. For example, cubic zirconia is a synthetic diamond simulant composed of zirconium oxide.

Labs created gemstones are not the copy of original gemstones but they are the process forms that are manufactured in labs. For example synthetic (lab created) corundums, including ruby and sapphire, are very common form of lab created gemstones and their cost is comparatively low when compare to natural stones.

So in other words we can say that both natural stones and lab generated stones have the similar physical and chemical characteristic. The only thing is that these lab created gemstones have more clarity in color and very less impurities in them.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Various Gemstones Treatments: To Improve Color and Clarity

gemstones treatments
There are various types of treatments that are used to improve the color and clearness of gemstones. The value of gemstones depends upon the type and degree of a treatment that is applied onto the stone. Treatments are applied onto the gemstone on the basis of their stability. Some gemstones are stable whereas some are not that’s why different form of treatments are applied on them. Various types of treatments applied to gemstones include:

Radiation - Some Gemstones are passed through the radiation process to improve its color and clarity for example light color topaz are radiated to transform its color from white to blue.

Heat Gemstones are generally pass through the heating treatment to improve its color and clarity for example aquamarine is heated to change color from green to blue and more enhanced blue to purple. Similarly tanzanite is also heated at low temperatures to eliminate brown undertones and give blue or purple color.

Fracture filling - Fracture filling process has been tremendously in use to improve the appearance of different gemstones for example lead glass has been used to fill the large fractures Rubies to improve its appearance.

Waxing/oiling – Waxing and oiling has also been performed to improve the clarity of precious stones. For example wax and oil are used to fill the cracks in precious stones such as emeralds. Colored wax or oil is also used to improve color and clarity of the emerald.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Ring: Choose The Metals Wisely

wedding ringsWedding is a very special day in everybody’s life. People start to plan about their wedding long time before to this day. Wedding Ring is one most important aspect of this day, that’s why people spend lot of time to decide about it.

Wedding ring is the one of the most beautiful symbol of love that is worn for a long period of time. It is important for everybody to choose right type and style of ring. Now a day’s wide rings are very popular among the people, but it might be the possibility that many are not comfortable to wear wide rings for longer period of time.

It is also important to consider your daily routine or lifestyle before to purchase wedding ring. Example if f you have a heavy manual work then 18 carat gold ring is not a good option. So to before to select your wedding ring, it is important consider the factors such as metal, design, durability and budget.

Metals that are generally used to prepare wedding ring include:

Titanium and black zirconium – Now a day’s titanium and black zirconium rings are very popular among people as they are more durable than other popular metals.

Silver – Silver is another good choice for your wedding ring but some people not prefer it as it is comparatively a soft metal than other metals. Color of silver metal is also dull down if it is wear for long period of time.

Gold – Gold is another admirable option for wedding ring; it looks good, even you are using it for many years.

Platinum – Platinum is also a good option for your wedding ring as it is the most durable among all the metals. If you are thinking to choose platinum as a wedding ring option, then think once again as it is also one of the expensive metals.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amber Gemstone: A Beautiful Organic Substance

Amber Gemstone is a natural organic substance, known for its color and glow. Amber is made up of fossil tree resin and is generally used to make attractive things such as jewelry etc. Tree resin is the semi-solid shapeless natural substance buried in pockets and canals through epithelial cells of the plant.

As amber is made up of soft and sticky tree resin, so sometimes it may have insects and small plants fossils. This form of amber is known as Copal as it is a Semi-fossilized resin or sub-fossil amber. Amber is also found in different colors such as it may have yellow, orange and brown shades or whitish and pale lemon color. It may vary from brown to black and in some rarely found form such as blue amber, green amber, red amber (also known as "cherry amber") etc.

Amber is generally translucent, the more the amber is transparent the more the price it has. The most common form of amber is cloudy amber and opaque amber. Opaque amber may have numerous minute bubbles. This form of amber is also known as "bony amber".

Monday, May 18, 2009

Gemstones Grading: Ensures The Quality Of Gemstone And Jewellery

gemstones grading certificationNow a day’s, before to purchase jewellery or gemstones most of the people generally asked about its quality certificate. Certificate or Grading from a recognized authority generally ensure the customers about the quality of the products. From the last few years there is increase in number of certifications for the quality of gemstone.

There are many laboratories that provide certification for the quality of gemstones and there is no global grading system for the quality of gemstone.

Various Laboratories which provides grading to jewellery and gemstones include:

1) International Gemological Institute (IGI) is an independent laboratory which grades both jewellery and precious stones.

2) Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provides various types of information and grading reports related to jewellery and gemstones.

3) American Gemological Society (AGS) is other famous society recognized in this field.

4) Other famous Laboratory for which grades stones is American Gem Trade Laboratory. This Laboratory is the part of American Gem Trade Association (AGTA).

5) European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) is other laboratory which grade gemstones.

6) One organization which is famous for gemological research is Gemological Association of All Japan (GAAJ).

Other famous institutes which are famous in gemmological research are Gemmological Institute of Thailand (GIT), Asian Institute of Gemmological Sciences (AIGS), Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF), Gübelin Gem Lab etc.

Each and every laboratory has its own method to test gemstones. So to standardized the grading system, seven most reputed laboratories such as GAAJ (Tokyo), AGTA-GTL (New York), GIA (Carlsbad), GIT (Bangkok), CISGEM (Milano), Gübelin (Lucerne) and SSEF (Basel) have established a new laboratory committee known as Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee (LMHC). The main aim of this laboratory is to standardize the whole testing process of the gemstones.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Precious Stones: Parameters Used To Access The Value Of These Gemstones

precious gem stones

Precious stones are special types of rocks or minerals that are used to develop various form of beautiful and expensive jewellery. Before to use in jewellery, these precious stones are cut, polished and design to form in beautiful shapes and sizes. Precious stones are also known as gem stones. They can occur both naturally or can develop artificially in labs.

Artificial precious stones are generally less expensive when compare to natural precious stones. Natural precious stone can further be characterized as organic precious stone such as Amber, Jet etc. Amber is made up from fossilized tree resin while Jet is a type of coal. Precious stone can also characterize on the basis of their hardness. Some stone are too hard while some stone are soft. Some precious stone are too soft that they can’t be used to develop jewellery such as single-crystal rhodochrosite.

Precious stone can also be characterized on the basis of their chemical composition such as diamonds are made up of carbon. Precious stones also be put into different group of species such as emerald is a type of mineral species known as beryl. On the basis of these different characteristics (characteristic such as refractive index, dispersion, hardness, fracture, lusters etc.), value of these gemstones can be access by different jewelers.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emerald Jewellery: Beautiful Birth-Stone Represents Month Of May

Emerald JewelleryEmerald is one of the amazing and stylish stone which people love to wear. Emerald represents the month of May and many people believed that this stone has amazing effects especially in case of relationships, health and heart.

Emerald is a beautiful stone which attracts and admire by many people and due to its dazzling beauty emerald is used in many form of jewelleries such as rings, earrings, Necklace etc. It is one of the fabulous birthday gifts which you can give to your love ones.

Emerald stone has dark green color because of chromium and vanadium and its hardness rating is around 7.5. As Emerald is one the most beautiful stone that’s why it requires special care. So to clean jewellery made from emerald always use dry soft cloths. Avoid household chemicals and ultrasonic jewelry cleaners to clean emerald jewellery. Also do not clean your precious emerald jewelry in hot soapy water.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Accessories and Jewellery: Choose The Right One With Your Dress

clothing and jewelleryBy choosing a right type of accessories you can convert your ordinary women outfits to the fabulous ones. By performing proper selection you can even use your day wear as your evening wear especially in those cases when you have to go some where directly from your work place.

Women Accessories such as women jewelleries can enhance your personality and looks, like gold jewellery may be a gold watch or necklace change your looks completely. Other accessories like high knee boots, black leather handbag, fitted jacket and pendant necklace and stud earrings provides you a complete different look.

Also choose the accessories according to your own build suppose if you are long in height then don’t wear small pendant as they are too small to make an impact. It is also important top wear right type of accessories at right place such as it would be wrong to wear expensive earrings with your formal wears. Jewellery with formal wears are different from those which you wear with casual wear.

Some women also purchase the jewellery after thinking about the effect of jewelry on skin color. So before buying jewellery consider the above points.

For More Information, Visit:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Topaz Jewelry: Facts, History And Use

Topaz is one of the most popular gems in the world. Because of its style and fashionable look it is very famous among the jewellery lovers. Topaz represents the month of December and people also believe that it contains some spiritual power. Topaz can also be used in rings, earrings, Necklace etc.

As topaz is December birthstones it generally prefer by people who born in this month. Topaz can be available in a light shiny aqua blue and dark dreamy turquoise blue. Now day’s topaz jewellery is popular among people. One of the key reasons for the popularity of topaz jewellery is that it is in expensive and strong.

Other reason of the popularity of topaz jewellery is that it is easily manageable and can be cleaned with simple gem stone cleaner. Topaz also has vast rich history and can be used from the time of ancient civilization especially from the beginning of Romans and the Greeks.

Topaz is also associated with many religious values such as in Hindu religion it is believed that it increase intelligence and responsible for longer live. In some African countries it represents wealth and can also be used for healing purpose.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pico-C USB drive: With 8GB Memory And18-Carat Of Solid Gold

It is always be a good idea to invest money on jewelry and this idea become more useful if this jewelry is not only used as a ornaments but is also used to solve our other purposes.

Now day’s USB drive is a very convenient medium to carry data from one place to another. And it become more useful for us when we use this USB drive more than data carry medium.

Now imagine what happens if we used this USB drive as a jewellery. Pico-C USB drive is generally made in the fulfillment of this idea. This USB drive is made up of 18K gold with 8 GB of memory. This USB drive is fully water resistant and has 30MB/s transfer speeds. The cost of this USB drive is around $599 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gold Metal Jewellery: Complete Information About It

gold jewelleryEvery women love to wear gold jewellery. But it is hard to make jewellery from pure gold as it is too soft, so to make jewellery; jewellery makers add other metals to it. This is the main reason for different colors of gold such as green gold, white gold, rose gold etc.

To check the purity of gold in the jewellery the standard unit that is used is K or Karat system. Jewellery which is made up of pure gold is of 24K where as jewellery of 18K contains 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of another metal or metals.

Gold which is of white color (i.e. white gold) is a mixture of nickel or palladium with gold. Copper is added with gold to make it of pink color (i.e. rose gold) and silver is added with gold to make it green gold.

Making alloys changes the color of the metal and make the metal damaged and useless, and the main goal of the jeweler is to produce the metal which is durable and attractive.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jewellery Designing: Sources and Motivation

Jewellery DesignSource of inspiration is excessively required to design new jewellery. High degree of imagination is required to visualize a new shapes or structure of a design. Creativity of a jewellery designer is highly influence by its thinking and feeling. That’s why Jewellery designers always maintain a sketchbook so that they can draw their observation.

Sources of design generally depend upon the following thing:
  1. Material Used: Designing jewellery using different material provides great experience and chance to a jeweler to find out new things at the initial stages of design.
  2. History Eras: History can also provide new imaginative ideas to the jewellery designers. Jewellery designers get great source of inspiration from these Medieval, Egyptian, Baroque eras which are rich in art and expressions. These ancient architectures, sculptures, paintings give birth to new and original ideas.
  3. Nature: Jewellery designers can also get inspiration from these beautiful natural resources. Nature itself provide great textures, colors and shapes which itself inspire jewellery designer to form their new ideas.
  4. Symbolic Sources: Various logos, signs, symbols, monograms etc. are also the good source for jewellery designer. Using these sign symbols Jewellery designer can visualize different designs of various shapes and sizes.
  5. Themes and concepts: If a designer thinks in a broad way then he/she can get new composition of design using varieties of themes and concepts such as nature, politics, social, religious, etc.
  6. Books and Magazines: Magazines, Catalogues, Books, Photographs are also the great source of various new jewellery designs. But in that case question arises about its originality.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Diamond Jewellery: How to Measure Its Quality

diamond jewelleryDiamond jewellery Market is worth around $ US70 billion and with the growing wealth in Asian countries, it can grow further in the near future.

About one quarter of total $ US70B is purchased at the end of the year when people celebrate Christmas and New Year. Valentine Day is also the most popular time when people purchase these beautiful diamond jewelleries.

Some of the tips which you kept in mind before buy a diamond engagement ring include the clarity of the jewellery and its color. Always remember that quality of a diamond enhance its value.

Color of a diamond is the most important attribute. Basically shine of diamond jewellery depends upon the presence and absence of the color. Diamonds which appear colorless are put into grade “D” through “J”. These diamonds has high value.

Clarity of diamond is another important attribute. Diamond has high value if it is free from inclusions. Clarity of diamond rated according to the following scale:

  1. Diamond are rated FL impeccable if the internal or external finish flaws.
  2. IF (Internally flawless), if no internal defects.
  3. VVS1 (very slightly included).
  4. VVS2 (if it is hard to see inclusions under 10x magnification).
  5. VS1 (Very slightly included).
  6. VS2 (if it is hard to see inclusions under 10x magnification).
  7. SI1 (Slightly included).
  8. SI2 (easy to see inclusions under 10x magnification).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wedding Jewellery: Which Make You Feel Special At Your Wedding Day

wedding jewelleryOn the occasion of your wedding choose right jewellery for you. Like dress, wedding jewellery is also an important thing, so before buying jewellery for this special occasion, it is important to keep certain things in your mind. There should be proper combination different jewellery such as necklace, bracelet, and earrings which make the bridal dress look even better.

There are many types of jewellery which a bride wears at the time of her wedding but among them the most important jewellery is wedding ring. You can purchase your wedding jewellery from various places such as jewellery outlets, online jewellery stores etc. You can also get custom made ring for your partner. The biggest advantage of custom made ring is that you can choose right design for your partner and the other important thing is uniqueness factor.

You can also go for vintage jewellery for your wedding day. Their stunning design based on ancient cultures. In vintage jewellery you can also get varieties of design in necklaces, bangles, bracelets and earrings which perfectly fit with your wedding dresses. You can also use bridal tiaras for your wedding accessories which also make your look gorgeous at your wedding day. You can also get handmade bridal tiara with different color schemes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Jewellery: Various Tips And Informations

fashion jewelleryToday everybody wants to look stylish and fashionable and it is incomplete if it is not supported by proper fashion jewellery. Like clothing, people also prefer to wear latest and right kind of jewellery. Whether you wear casuals, formals or any thing, it should be matched with proper jewellery to get a complete and good look.

Like clothing, jewellery is also deigned after considering latest fashion and trends. Before designing any type of jewellery, jewelers always takes care of all the important factors such as colors, metals etc. They also consider various other factors such as occasions etc. like gold jewellery are not suited with formal wear and silver jewellery are not matched with Indian wedding dresses.

Some fashions and trends are always remaining same. People prefer to wear jewellery made up of gold and diamond at the time of engagements and weddings. People also want to prefer to wear seasonal jewellery which is made up of stones and colors. Customized jewellery is also in fashion as people generally want to look different from others. Ethnic jewellery and custom-made ethnic jewellery is also always in fashion.

There are various online jewellery stores that provide various different options and types of jewellery for all. They also take care of current fashion and trends that may suit the requirement of all the people. Online jewellery shopping not only save precious time but also provide variety of option to the people. Fashion jewellery is meant to enhance the trend of the season and complement the dressing of the person.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Diamond Jewellery Care: Some Tips About That

diamond jewellery

Diamonds need proper care to last for a long time without any deterioration. Any thing such as powders, lotion or even oil may damage the shine of your diamond. So to maintain yourdiamond jewellery long lasting, you just require only one thing i.e. proper care and maintenance. Maintenance keeps your jewellery clean, beautiful and even increases its life.

Proper care of diamond is essential. Always prevent your diamond jewellery from sharp blows, harsh chemicals, sun light and extreme temperatures. Remove your diamond jewellery such as rings when you are working or doing your regular house tasks. Store jewelleries at different places as it may prevent diamond from scratching.

Clean your diamond on regular basis but avoid harsh detergents. Few tips regarding cleaning your diamond jewellery:

Here are four ways to you clean your diamonds:

  1. You can clean your diamond jewellery using warm water with mild liquid detergent. Always use soft brush to clean your jewellery and dry it with soft lint free cloth.
  2. You can also use branded liquid jewellery cleaner but read the instructions and precautions carefully before using them on your precious jewellery.
  3. You can also use various ultrasonic cleaner which are small machines used to clean your precious jewellery.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gold Jewellery: Tips To Take Care Your Branded Jewellery

Gold JewelleryGold has been a very precious metal from centuries. Everybody like jewellery made from gold. It is also the one of the favorite investment option for many peoples. It is very hard job to purchase jewellery. You have to consider many things before to purchase jewellery such as its purity, design and last but not least your budget. Now day’s almost every jewelers start to sell their jewellery with the certificate of quality.

Branded gold jewellery is also the one of the best option for buyers. Branded jewellers not only provide quality certificates but also provide jewellery of latest design and fashion.

So it is also necessary to preserve this precious metal so that its value is not depreciated. By follow some simple precautions, you can easily take care and manage your gold jewellery. You should keep your gold jewellery in a box which should have satin or velvets inners. Its preserve your jewellery for long periods by reducing the friction and prevents it from damage. If you placed more than one gold item in a box then wrap them with different tissue papers to avoid direct friction between them.

Proper maintenance of gold jewellery is also necessary. You should clean your jewellery with soft brush, apply detergent free soap and use special cleaning solutions which are available in the market. Also use warm water to clean your gold jewellery and prevent your jewellery from chlorinated water and harsh chemicals as they can damage your gold jewellery. By doing proper maintenance you can preserve your gold product over the years.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jewellery Shopping: Three Important Decision Making Factors

Jewellery ShoppingYou have to consider three important points in your mind before to buy jewellery. These three points include jewellery design, quality and cost. All these factors are very important from the point of view of buyer. Design is the first important thing as people generally attracts towards jewellery after watching its design. The another important factor is the quality as it specify the durability and purity of the jewellery and last but not least is the cost of the product as it is one of the deciding factor for the buyer to buy jewellery.

Jewellery Design – Design of jewellery is such that it attracts the eye of a buyer in its first look. If design is not good then buyer may not go for the product. Design of the product should be according to latest trends and fashion. Some time buyers don’t hesitate to pay extra money for the design of the product.

Jewellery Quality – Quality is the most important factor which buyers consider before buying jewellery. He may make compromise with design or cost but he can’t compromise with the quality of the product. So it is important for jewelers to use certified metals and stones to make jewellery. Also jeweler should also provide quality certificate with hallmark along with the product.

Jewellery Cost – Jewellery Cost is yet another important factor for buyers but buyers sometimes ignore it if above two factors really attracts them. But if buyers get same design and quality at lower prices then why buyers pay more money for the same product. So it is necessary for jeweler to attract buyer by providing special discount and offers to their customer.

Online jewellery shopping is important example by which jeweler can reduce the cost of the jewellery product as it reduce various overheads such as manpower cost and result in less price for jewellery items.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Online Jewellery Shopping: Various Advantages Of Buying Jewellery Online

Online Jewellery ShoppingWhen you want buy jewellery online you have to keep certain things in your mind. Online jewelers are listed according to the category and the price of the product mention on the website. Buying jewellery online is not an easy task; you have to keep in mind various things before buying jewellery through website.

There are various advantages of the online jewellery shopping. Many online jewellery retailers offer you various types of special discount on purchase of jewellery through website. They generally offer discounts on delivery or free delivery on the purchase of jewellery. More over with online jewellery shopping you not only save your precious time which mostly spends on going to shopping malls, to compare prices and quality offer by different jewelers but you can also compare the quality, variety, price, shipping costs, insurance costs of jewellery by sitting at one place.

Online retailers offers you great discount on purchase of jewellery then compare to jewellery shop as they generally not maintain much stock in advance. In most cases, when customers place the order through website, the same order is directly placed to the manufacturer. Then manufacturer deliver that order to customer.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Online Jewellery Shopping Guidelines: Few Precautions Which You Should Kept In Your Mind

Online Jewellery Shopping

Some people are very passionate about shopping. They generally spend lot of time and money in purchasing a product. So before purchasing a product one must have to confirm its price and quality from more than one place. This task is much easier when you buy the product from markets but in case of online shopping it is not an easy task.

People generally face various types of difficulties to purchase products online such as jewellery. One of the main problems that are faced by the people is to know about the authenticity of websites, their services and the products that they sold through website.

So before purchasing online jewellery one must have to keep certain things in their mind:

1) Need – First you have to clear in your mind regarding what is your exact need. Suppose if you want to purchase gold bracelet then don’t waste your time on different jewellery product instead spend more time in inspecting the details of jewellery which you want to buy. Various details which you should keep in mind include materials used, hallmark and certificates, available discounts etc.
2) Check websites details - Before to purchase jewellery from any website, first you have to check complete details about that site. Basic things which you have to check include security policy of the website, customers’ feedback, media link etc.
3) Jewellery Authentication - Only purchase jewellery from that website which provides you proper hallmarked certificate and complete specification about the jewellery.
4) Return policy - You must aware about the return policies of website, in case of delivery of wrong or damage product.
5) Laws – You should also know the rules and regulations, in case of problem occurs. There are well defined cyber laws in every country.

By taking above precautions you can easily do your online jewellery shopping.